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Shoutout to all the artists on Tumblr who work on something for weeks and only get 4 notes

Shoutout to all the artists on Youtube who do amazing speedpaints and, if they’re lucky, will get 500 views

Shoutout to all underappreciated artists who do amazing work and receive no recognition

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Sure we got forests and a lot of freshwater, but we’re too busy clear-cutting and polluting for TAR SANDS, FUCK YEAH! to enjoy them.

Sure you won’t die from being unable to afford healthcare, but if you need a prescription and are above a certain income (or the drug is too new for your province to consider subsidising) you are shit out of luck or paying thousands out of pocket for drugs you need to live (nice free healthcare, huh?) Ex: My parents have paid between 300-$1000 a month for my brother’s medications. He has schizophrenia. Currently, if the government of Ontario didn’t cover his medication or they lived in another province that refused to cover the cost they would be paying somewhere in the region of $2K per month. And they are retired. And the primary caretakers of their adult son and secondary caretakers of 2 elderly grandmothers with stroke and arthritis related illnesses. If you need me to spell it out for you: some of the sickest and most at risk people are not getting the medical care they need to survive and thrive.

Sure we got the “Truth and Reconciliation Act” or whatever they’re calling that bullshit to help those abused and hurt in residential schools, but we still can’t honour the treaties to save our lives, we still aren’t providing adequate funding for treatment related to the centuries of government abuse (it still counts even before we were called Canada, IMO) we still aren’t protecting aboriginal women and children from violence, rape, murder, sexual trafficking.

Canada ain’t shit. And if you don’t get that, then you’re head is up your ass and you need to GTFO or work to make it better. 


The CIA also backed Iowa and creative writing MFA programs in general.

This article kind of buries and doesn’t go into the reasons why they backed abstract expressionism specifically - they quote a former CIA asshole and probably current asshole saying

It was recognised that Abstract Expression- ism was the kind of art that made Socialist Realism look even more stylised and more rigid and confined than it was. And that relationship was exploited in some of the exhibitions.

but socialist realism was not the only politically left “representational” art going at the time - the article mentions Rockefeller as a big booster of abstract expressionism; it doesn’t mention that he started doing this after he saw the Diego Rivera fresco he commissioned, freaked out, and destroyed it

basically - they saw a.e’ism happening and were like, oh, perfect, no opportunity for overt political statements here, and threw a lot of money at it.

Well this explains a lot.

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Losing weight is not the solution to your problems. The sadness does not leave when the weight does, remember that.

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Ellie-bellie loves snuggles. Particularly grooming Papoo’s bathrobe.

If women are to become free agents of their gender’s destiny in music, in a music world which is reliant upon shouting loudest over the clamor, it stands to reason that online pissing contests only serve to detract from the strong messages being put forward by such artists like Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu.  Their recent collaboration on “Q.U.E.E.N.” is an eloquent and impassioned rallying cry for what Monae identifies as “everyone who’s felt ostracized and marginalized.”   And yet it is women that she addresses most specifically in the track, ending with the line,

“Electric ladies, will you sleep, or will you preach?”




Then read this and possibly sign this.

My tribe isn’t federally recognized, so we’re basically invisible to the government (you can read about that here). This dam raise is a super huge threat to our culture; stopping it from happening is really important.


This is unforgivable. These people have already had most of their land flooded and stolen from them, and now we want to take more. I know a lot of people are afraid of water shortages in California right now, but this dam will not help. Dams don’t create water, they just store it, and they store it in a way that can actually cause water to be lost due to evaporation. We have no right to take these people’s homes and history and culture. We didn’t have the right in the first place. There is nothing okay about this.

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Labor Day 2014
In Ferguson
Credit to the young man that I listed above.

Labor Day in Ferguson.

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Y’all believe it now?

You’re fucking kidding me right?

People are suffering to Ebola and America had a way to potentially cure it


Does saving lives not mean anything to anyone anymore?

I fucking cant

Who’s really surprised? AMERICA isn’t shit & never will be.

They said it costing too much was part of the issue but I haven’t seen the government have any issue with the billions of dollars they constantly give Israel to do any mother fucking thing they please.

Seriously?! the US ain’t shit

Didn’t they give it to a Spanish patient today

Wtf America

It’s fucking true. They said no to Nigeria. But then ship it right the fuck out to Spain for one patient.

It is so hard to love a country that does not value you/people who look like you.


Told y’all this was going to happen. Just like what they did with the HIV/AIDS drug treatments. 

Link to article:  1, 2

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Portrait of the actor Ôtani Tomoemon by Katsukawa Shunsho, 1768 

Portrait of ” But moooooom!”

>middle eastern >feminist. Can you even put those words together? You would be killed
therareandferociousswamprabbit therareandferociousswamprabbit Said:


Yes, for many women being Middle Eastern and a feminist is a death sentence. However, this has not stopped MANY brave women and men for fighting for gender equality in the region. There are now more shelters, women’s groups and organizations than ever before in the region- which to me is a sign of hope and that we CAN envision a society where people are not judged based on their gender, sexuality or aspirations; no matter the barriers or obstacles in our way.  

For me, as a Middle Eastern woman living in the West, this means that I have an obligation and a moral duty to speak about the issues that occur, especially to women and members of LGBTQAI+ communities in the region. As someone who has experienced many of the negative aspects of gender inequality in the region and who now lives in a safe space, it is beyond important that I speak about, highlight and uncover some of the taboo and deeply hidden aspects of Middle Eastern cultures and social settings. Everyday women die because of honour or messed up cultural and religious values. And STILL many people, especially women, risk their lives to speak about these issues in the hope of changing the culture. If they can brave the immense amounts of violence and abuse in their way than surely I can, in the safety on my privileged sphere, also take some time to help and continue the conversation.

I think we also fail to see that feminism is not an exclusively Western invention. That MANY non Western cultures and civilizations have had feminist waves, feminist scholars, feminist activists and icons. If you are aware of Middle Eastern and Asian history you could easy find a number of powerful feminists. So the idea of a Middle Eastern feminist is not so much an anomaly. Further, people in different parts of the Middle East are incredibly enlightened, educated, informed, humane, feminist and egalitarian. It just so happens that there are too many corrupt elites, Islamists and domination of key natural resources so that the liberal aspects of society are often heavily repressed. I think it is also important that we do not ALWAYS  equate the Middle East with religious fundamentalism as the region is by no means homogeneous in culture, in religion, in history, in political and economic development. There is much diversity.

Finally, I think your blog name is rather sad and offensive to a large portion of humanity. Only the privileged deny the rights of others to live as they want. Only a deeply colonized mind wilfully ignores the intersectionality of oppressions and gleefully contributes to their reproduction. 




This is an absolutely heartbreaking case of police brutality. A 22 year old black man with down syndrome was beaten by the police for the bulge in his pants. That bulge turned out to be his colostomy bag. They ripped the bag off his body. This was an unprovoked attack. No one is safe out here.

Reblogging with updated link. The old one was dead.

Remember the case of 22 year old Gilberto Powell.

Absolutely heartbreaking and so is the reporting. You might be sighing in relief like “wow at least they represented him fairly” I don’t think so. Why do they say he was “in an encounter that left him badly bruised” as if it was just a ghost or an ambiguous wave that went over him and he magically got bruised. Someone enacted violent force UPON HIM. There was an active party harming him and they make it seem like “he happened to just wind up bruised” instead of opening with “a police officer violently attacked him for no reason”. Subtle but completely inappropriate. They have “Excessive force?” in a banner as if it’s not clear… This incident is horrifying and the reporting is completely inappropriate.

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